Is the decisive moment dead !

I've never really bought into the old HCB "decisive moment" nonsense but I must admit its one hell of a memorable one-liner. My photography appears to consist of indecisive moments in fact I'm just grateful for whatever I can get.

As I write this I'm having an indecisive moment, as I look out of the window, the greyness of this English day is making me wonder if I should venture out in search of "moments" or not. Would my time be better used catching up and editing the back-log of images that seems to always be waiting for me.

My interpretation of the famous HCB quote when stripped back is that you have to make your exposure at the best time for the image you are trying to make, sounds more than a bit obvious to me ! In short if you decide to make an image of the winning goal being scored in the FA cup final then its no good trying to achieve it by sitting behind the goal in January as you'll have a long wait for "the decisive moment" !

Joking aside the point I want to raise today is the growth in popularity of the time-less deadpan images that suggest that the moment captured is anything but "decisive" !   I wonder if the growth in street photography has played a major part in diminishing the value of "The decisive Moment", after all the viewing public must be fed up of seeing silhouetted children jumping off bridges from every continent in the world and there are only so many balloon covered faces a man (or woman) can take.!  It appears to me that a growing appetite for images where         the viewer is left feeling that the time either side of the image capture would look exactly the same as the moment being offered are growing in popularity.

Could the Street Photography community be developing a taste for a "documentary" style approach in the creation of Art Photography as it matures and realises that current approaches to "Street" are leading to a creative cul-de-sac ?

While on the subject of current photography trends I would like to beat the drum for the  inaugural British Life Photography Awards Exhibition which opens at The Mall Galleries in London next week, (as the organisers appear to be doing a great job of keeping it a secret), for those of you like myself who are unable to see the show a book will be launched next week..

I intended to ramble on a bit more  in this post but my pet Galah is taking a hissy fit and is demanding my attention,I have also decided to try and search out a few moments today (decisive or not) so I had better get a move on.  I have included a indecisive moment of my own below .

Keep it real !



The Palace 2015