My Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

                         I have been quite good this year so I hope you can help with a few things to make my Christmas day complete.

I do not really need any toys as I'm a little too old for that sort of stuff and I do not require any cameras, flashes or lenses as I'm very happy with what I have already.                                                   I would be grateful if you could arrange for me to have a little more time to pursue my street photography, I would also welcome the gift of creative thought and a pair of spectacles that help me see & compose my images in a more effective way !

I do not need any photo books this year as I have not really invested enough time in the ones I have already, (Thanks for the ones you gave me last year). I think a good pair of comfortable shoes would help me on the street, as I'm convinced spending more time out  on the street is the only way to improve my photography.

Finally if you could gift me a large good quality picture frame it would give me the motivation to try and create a image worthy of being displayed for everyone to see !

I hope you can help with at least one of my Christmas requests, I'll be more than happy if you can arrange another year of good health and a few slices of luck now and then .

Merry Christmas

David Barrett