Its good to stop !

I have always had a love/ hate relationship with my photography, I used to justify this when I was a commercial tog as the ebb and flow of any working situation but I am surprised to learn that I feel the same with my personal projects.  I love not taking pictures almost as much as I love capturing and searching for slices of life, camera in hand.

I have been out with my camera on a few occasions in the last few weeks but I must confess that without the purpose that I had until recently (my another day off series) , I'm not really seeing it, as my approach seems to lack purpose, it would be easy to just start shooting random pix in the hope that some sort of coherence will emerge but I know the value of having a developed mental agenda, as it makes the seeing and subject selection much easier.

I have said before that Street Photography is a tough gig, in fact I would go further and say that togs who really work at their photography probably underestimate how demanding SP really is ! It's not until you stop that you realise just how much of yourself that you are actually bringing to your work. My last few efforts on the street would be best described as shopping trips with a camera.

I have taken the opportunity of "resting" to reread a number of my favourite photo books Ian Berry's, The English seems to get better with time, I have also been re-acquainting myself with Writing In The Sand by Sirkka Liisa Kontttinen a much under rated collection of pictures in my opinion which were created on the beaches of my native North East. .

The editing of my current series is at the halfway stage and living up to my expectations, I have a few ideas for pictures on the back burner, I also have a few ideas I want to test shoot before committing myself to creating another series of pix.   

All in all I'm a happy tog just chilling and exploring various options before committing myself to another creative endeavour. I have to admit that I feel less like a dog chasing his tail,  Street Photography will take more of you than it should if your not careful, the next great shot is certainly worthy of pursuit and any momentum that you are currently enjoying should definitely be exploited but planning time away from SP will probably be beneficial for both your pictures and your every day life.

In short , keep it real !