Get Your Head Right !

I am currently going through a Street Photography low, I have not taken a street pic for a couple of weeks, sometimes its good to stop and recharge the creative juices. I hope my mojo returns soon.

I must admit that I quite like not taking pictures although I still see images while going about my day to day business and enjoy the luxury of not having to capture them. I find that in order to create good work my mind needs to go into a certain mode, a street photography mind set if you like, if I can not reach this place I know I'm wasting my time !

The first step to combating this photographic block is to just start firing the shutter again and relearning what I already know. I believe a fresh approach will also help me raise my game so I have decided to go back to basics and recreate the photographic conditions I enjoyed as a 14 year old and put the fun back into my photography, yes 120 film, plastic lenses and a low tech approach are being embraced, I'll publish one of my efforts on here although it may take a while as the analogue workflow and British postal system will see to that.

I already have a smile on my face at the thought of using my naff cameras and leaving the digital kit at home, street photography does not have to be a serious business. 

My rehabilitation starts here.