My Lucky Camera !

Let me start by saying this post is not a plug about cameras, I deliberately stay away from such nonsense and will not "plug" kit on here as this blog is about photographs and photography on the streets, if you think the latest bit of capture machinery is going to make you a better tog your delusional.

In my street kit I carry 2 almost identical cameras not because I ever use them at the same time but because I don't want to waste time when batteries fail or cards fill. This is probably a throw back to when I used to earn my living from photography and would try to have back up kit for almost every eventuality.

Yesterday I went in search of "Masterpieces" and stuck my hand in the bag and pulled out one of the cameras, I don't really care which one comes out as they are so similar and both are loaded with fresh battery's and cards. The 2 hour session started slow as nothing was sparking my interest and then within a 20 minute period I had captured a couple of pix that I was pleased with, the picture below put a huge smile on my face as I managed to squeeze off 3 frames before the moment was over. I normally have to search must harder for my pictures than I did yesterday especially when using the "other" camera.

I have realised that most of my favourite images have been captured on my "lucky" camera despite using both models equally, I am beginning to wonder if this bit of kit might have a secret SP mode that makes folk behave in an odd manner every time I point the lens.

I wonder if Gloucester is an odd place or is it me and my lucky camera that trigger such visual events.

The other shot  from yesterday has been posted on the Another day Off section of the site.