Why ? Street Photography

As a photographer who has "enjoyed" a commercial photography career and a formal photographic education I am attracted to street photography because it represents a freedom that commercial commissions rarely provide. Street Photography is always a surprise to me which is in total contrast to commissioned work where the the little surprises are usually bad news.

I find the unplanned nature of SP exciting as all I ever really know before a shoot is the location, I have no idea who will feature in my pictures or what they will be doing. The pictures that appear to work best appear to have an element that is beyond my control or expectation, some might describe it as luck !

I'll be the first to admit that serendipity plays its part in my photography however it should be remembered that the more time I invest in SP the luckier I become.

I will try to expand on my photographic thought process in future blogs as I believe an awareness of various visual devices can help togs make sense of what appears to be chaos.

Keep it real !