The images I create are subtle observations of English life that are usually captured candidly, my pictures reveal a population that is a little eccentric and pursues simple pleasures.  I hope that my pictures contain elements of humour and reveal the visual collisions of coincidence that occur everyday.  I search for moments that at first glance appear mundane but  reveal small truths that help me understand my life and the lives of others.

I make these images because I can, they are created by me and are ultimately for me, capturing the day to day life of others helps me to reflect and escape my own daily routine.  if others are able to share my vision and embrace what I see, that is a bonus.

The Another Day Off project took 4 years to shoot and is now complete, it has been edited down to about 60 images.


The Blue Frames project is my conceptual play time . It was started in January 2017 and feels as if it posses a serendipitous momentum all of its own.

I have recently started "The State Of Britain" series which explores our closer cultural links to the USA as we Brexit the European super state .                                                                   Is the Americanisation of Britain inevitable ?                                                           


I am based in the South West of England .


David Barrett.


All images copyright 2011 -2017, David Barrett  All rights reserved. 





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