Reclaim the future, 2018 !

The Reclaim Photography Festival Open Call deadline is approaching fast , 23rd February , 2018 . don't miss it !

This is a genuine free opportunity to share your work with like minded folk ,  no entry fees , no printing costs and no hidden agenda .  No winners, no losers , this event is all about promoting Art Photography and giving folk the chance to exhibit their photography in public places and spaces.

The event takes place in the West Midlands, England and is open to all photographers , the exhibition opens in May 2018 .

I was fortunate enough to be involved in the 2017 show for the first time and have really warm memories of the event . This year I have created 4 images especially for the show .   

The Reclaim Photography Festival is supported by Arts Council England .       

Good luck with your submission .


One of my entries from the 2017 Reclaim Photography Festival . Durham Miners Gala , 2013