Here's The Thing !

I no longer work as a full time commercial photographer , thankfully ! However, I still maintain the mindset of a serious photographer and organise myself , my kit and my time as if my livelihood depended on it , in fact on a personal level the images I’m creating now are far more important to me than those that were created on demand for cash and cash alone .

I was reminded this week of how I still prioritise picture making in my life when my employer asked, “Why have you still got so many holidays left to take” ? He was more than a little surprised when I told him I was saving my annual holiday entitlement to photograph the events and effects of Brexit in October / November !

He walked away shaking his head ! He thinks I’m mad , he might be right ?

I never really saw this as a sacrifice to be honest , it was just what needed to be done in order to get The State Of Britain project over the line , hopefully ?

As you sunbathe and party around the Mediterranean this summer spare a thought for the creative, independent. uncommissioned self financing picture makers who are trying to make visual sense from this uncertain political narrative of madness ! This is the price we pay for our creative and editorial freedom !

Is anyone else saving holiday entitlement for the last weeks in October early November ? Thought not !

Until next time, keep it real !