Blue Frame No 6 Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr !

I have just returned from my 6th weekly "Blue Frames" excursion and must admit I'm pleased the shoot is over, the day was dark , cold and turned out to be as difficult as I thought it would be, my normal approach is to wait until conditions are in my favour but this 1 pic per week for 52 week challenge is proving to be just that , a challenge !

Working within your comfort zone is never the best way to grow and develop as a photographer, today I was definitely outside my physical comfort zone but a little planning meant that I left home with a  few ideas.

I knew that the dark flat lighting meant that open sky locations were out and that a trip to the woods was in order, I did not allow the sleet, rain and freezing temperatures to distract me from the job in hand, I searched around for a decent location before moving my "Blue Friend" , tripod and camera kit to my favoured spot. Once on this location the flat light became an advantage as I could shoot in any direction and did not have to consider the contrast problems that woodland locations usually throw up.

This weeks picture is probably not the best picture I have ever taken but it does prove that with a little thought and a dose of optimism pictures can be created on even the worst of day's , I also discovered a couple of locations that will be revisited under better conditions.

All in all as I sit here with a huge mug of coffee warming me through, it wasn't that bad a morning.