Tears of a clone !

Steve McCurry is at the heart of the latest Photoshop "scandel" !, sharp eyed togs have noticed that Mr McCurry has been using the Photoshop cloning tool to assist his photographic story telling !      Boys, lamp posts and carts all appear to have been moved, removed or embellished. in this latest internet drama.

The real problem for Mr McCurry is that his reputation was built on photojournalism in war zones and folk appear to expect a level of integrity from him that is not expected of others, McCurry claims that only pictures that he describes as personal work are altered in this way, however these photoshop clicks appear to have damaged the legendary McCurry brand which is associated with the National Geographic magazine.

Street Photography demands a level of truth as part of its ethos although I'm certain that many togs are not above altering reality for aesthetic reasons, the level of truth Street togs pursue is a matter for the individual, however it would appear that a sliding scale of photographic ethics can be a risky strategy for a photographers credibility. 

As a commercial photographer I would pursue perfection in the interests of my clients however as a Street tog I try to embrace the overlap of elements and the presence of gatecrashers within my compositions. Ultimately when captures do not work they get edited out and end up on the cutting room floor, not cloned to the point of acceptance !

Personally I believe in a simple approach to my Street Pictures but I have no pressure to deliver results to a publisher, I just shrug my shoulders and move on when a picture fails.

The picture below is from Durham Miners Gala, it has been heavily edited, I'm not convinced it helps !

Keep it real !