Best Of British Top 5 !

I was surprised to discover recently that a list of the "Best" British Street Photographers had been compiled and published on-line by a Bulgarian author, I was even more surprised to discover that the togs on said list had agreed to supply images to back up this nonsense, I'm unsure if these folk agreed out of vanity or naivety ! 

To try and redress the situation I have compiled a list of my own to help those poor souls who need to be given an opinion by others !

NO 5,  The humble Ginger Snap a modest biscuit, which takes on a softer texture when dunked !

NO4. The Mcvities Digestive a simple creation with great dunk-ability,underestimate at your peril

NO3, The Fig Roll, a favourite with young and old alike, great taste and keeps you regular !

NO2,The Custard Cream, favourite of the coffee morning, economic and much loved by the blood transfusion service !

NO1, Steady , Steady wait for it, you know this is important, Britains top biscuit is the Mcvities HobNob (choc chip variety) this oat and wholemeal creation with teasing elements of chocolate has no equal in my opinion but then again I was surprised to see the Malted Milk fall from grace in 2015 ! 

It would appear that these and many other biscuits are solid performers but ""BEST" is a big word, especially when dealing with matters of taste !

Next week I'll compile a list of the best 5 Bulgarian street togs, sorry I meant savoury snacks !